2023 Race Regulations

Article 1 – Organisation

Rás na mBan is organised by the Rás na mBan Organising Committee, under the auspices of Cycling Ireland and will take place from Wednesday 6th September until Sunday 10th September 2023.

Rás na mBan is promoted under the Technical Rules and Regulations of Cycling Ireland (https://www.cyclingireland.ie/downloads/TechnicalRulesE302G.pdf) along with those specified hereunder. It is the responsibility of team officials and competitors to be familiar with all race regulations.

Article 2 – Type of Event

Rás na mBan International 5-day cycle race for women is registered on the Cycling Ireland Road Racing Calendar.

All participants should be aware that the roads used by Rás na mBan are NOT CLOSED to other traffic, and competitors will encounter normal road traffic during the event. While every effort will be made to ensure the safety of the riders, care must be taken by all riders, particularly on narrow roads and at the rear of the race. Riders are responsible for their own safety and must comply with the rules of the road. Riders are reminded that, in Ireland, we cycle and drive on the left-hand-side of the road.

Article 3 – Participation

Ras na mBan is open to teams of riders of W+, W, WJ and MW categories.

All entrants shall hold a valid racing licence issued by a UCI affiliated National Federation.

The maximum number of riders that can be entered on a team is 5, and the minimum is 3.

Article 4 – Registration, Sign On, Manager’s Meeting

Team Registration for Rás na mBan 2023 is via the Cycling Ireland portal (https://eventmaster.ie/event/qwJkuP7SQq)

Race headquarters is the Hoban Hotel, Ring Road, Springhill, Kilkenny, County Kilkenny R95 XV2D (Tel: +353 56 7783100).

Riders will be required to report to the race HQ between 12:30 and 14:00 on Wednesday 6th September 2023 at the Hoban Hotel, Ring Road, Springhill, Kilkenny, County Kilkenny R95 XV2D (Tel: +353 56 7783100) to sign on and receive their rider pack. Individual rider sign on will not be required on subsequent days. Riders will be required to provide their rider licences to the race organisation, to be retained for the duration of the race pending return of timing chips.

Team Managers will be required to report to the race HQ between 12:30 and 14:00 on Wednesday 6th September 2023 to complete the following procedures:

  1. Present the following to the Chief Commissaire for approval and information purposes:
    • Manager’s current UCI affiliated federation licence
    • Sample of Team Jersey and, if applicable, Skinsuit
  2. Ensure race organisation have their up to date contact details (mobile for Whatsapp messages and email address for results, etc) and bank account details.
  3. Receive team information pack.

Team Managers or a team representative MUST sign in each day and notify the race organisation of any non-starters. Times and places for sign-on will be communicated to managers via Whatsapp.

Team Managers shall be responsible for the return of ALL riders timing chips at the finish of the final stage of the race. Licences will be returned to team managers on return of timing chips. There will be a penalty charge of €35 per chip for lost or damaged chips.

Team Managers are required to attend a briefing meeting at the Hoban Hotel at 14:15 on Wednesday 6th September in the designated meeting room. The meeting will be opened by the Race Organiser and addressed by the Chief Commissaire and a Garda officer. Race Technical Staff will also be in attendance.

Where a team car is to be driven by someone other than the Team Manager, the driver must also sign on and produce a valid UCI affiliated federation licence.

A draw for team car positions on Stage 1 will take place at this meeting.

The Race Doctor will be in attendance at this meeting. Managers should notify the Race Doctor of any relevant rider or staff medical conditions he/she may need to be aware of in case of emergency.

Article 5 – Radio Tour

Radio Tour will be broadcast on frequency 453.5625Mhz

Race Radios will be available at Manager registration for rental. A fee of €50 will be payable at sign on for radios issued to team managers, which includes the rental fee of €20 plus a refundable deposit of €30. The deposit will be refunded on return of the radio at race headquarters, undamaged, following the final stage of the race.

Article 6 – Service and Neutral Support

The first neutral service vehicle will normally be placed with the leading group and the second will remain behind the main bunch or as determined by Commissaires. Teams wishing to avail of the service will equip these vehicles. Such equipment must be in good mechanical order. Wheels must be clearly marked with the team name.

Given the variety of equipment in use, neutral service cannot guarantee suitable equipment will be available in every situation. Neutral service is provided on a “best effort” basis.

Riders receiving equipment from neutral service will be responsible for returning equipment undamaged, replacing it or providing adequate compensation to the owner. It is the responsibility of the team manager to return equipment obtained from neutral service immediately after the stage finishes.

Equipment is provided to neutral service at owners risk, notwithstanding the conditions listed above. The organisers of Rás na mBan, and their agents and volunteers, shall not be responsible for loss of or damage to any equipment provided to neutral service.

Team vehicles are obliged to service riders from other teams when requested to do so by a Commissaire or when neutral service is not available. It is expected that this open service will be carried out in a fair and sporting manner. Where no neutral service is available the first vehicle in line must service any rider requiring service, in the absence of her own team vehicle. Following Stage 1, team vehicles of the first 3 riders on General Classification are exempt from this rule and the next vehicle in line must provide service.

In the event of a puncture or other mechanical fault, riders must stop and be serviced on the LEFT hand side of the road only.

Riders shall be serviced only from the rear of a group.

Article 7 – Bonuses

There are no time bonuses on stages.

Article 8 – Stage 5 Time Trial

Stage 5 Individual Time Trial must be ridden on a classic road bike as defined in UCI regulations.

No bar extensions or similar are permitted nor are wheels with less than 12 spokes.

Time Trial Helmets and Skinsuits are allowed. Where Skinsuits are worn, they must either be a Classification leaders skinsuit provided by the Race Organisers, a champions skinsuit where qualified to wear such, a Team Skinsuit, as registered by the Team Manager prior to Stage 1, or, with the Commissaires agreement, a plain design carrying no advertising, apart from a manufacturer’s logo.

Riders will start at 1-minute intervals in reverse General Classification order.

The Time Trial will take place partly on open roads. Riders MUST keep to the left-hand side of the carriageway within the designated lane, in order not to impede traffic.

Cycling Ireland Technical Regulations T7.A4 will apply.

Article 9 – Stage 6 Criterium

There will be two pit areas on the circuit. If a rider suffers a mishap or genuine mechanical, then she will need to report to the Pit Commissaire at the next pits to her location on the circuit. The rider in question will not travel against the race but move forward to the next pits. She will then be allowed to re-join the race after one lap out into the back of the group she left before the incident took place. If this group has split then it will be the rear split that she re-joins. No lap outs will be permitted in the last 5 laps.

The criterium duration will be 1 hour plus 5 laps of the circuit, including an initial 3 speed-controlled laps paced by the Race Directors car. Riders must not pass the Race Directors car during these controlled laps.

Riders who are deemed by Commissaires to be in danger of being lapped by the leaders in the criterium will be stopped and will be credited with a calculated finishing time for the stage and for the final General Classification.

Article 10 – Stage 1 and Stage 4 Finishing Circuits

Any rider lapped or in danger of being lapped on a finishing circuit may be asked by Commissaires to stop to allow the leaders a clear passage and the time delay incurred will be noted to give an accurate finishing time for the stage. In addition, Cycling Ireland Technical Regulation T7.A3.23 will apply.

Article 11 – Final 3 Kilometre Rule

Rás na mBan operates a final 3 Kilometre rule on stages 1,3 and 4. This extends Cycling Ireland Technical Regulation T7.A3.8

For Stage 6 Criterium, Cycling Ireland Technical Regulation T7.A3.8 will be extended to apply to the final lap.

This rule shall not apply on Stage 2 hill top finish or Stage 5 Individual Time Trial.

Article 12 – Finishing Time Limits

The time limit for all stages will be 20% of the stage winner’s time.

The time limit may be extended, in extenuating circumstances, by the panel of Commissaires in agreement with the Race Director.

Article 13 – Classifications

The following classifications will be awarded a jersey:

Individual General Classification – Magenta Jersey

The individual general classification on time is established by adding up the times recorded for stages, taking into account any time penalties.

Ties will be split in accordance with Article T7.3A of Cycling Ireland Technical Regulations.

Points General Classification – Blue Jersey

Points will be awarded to riders for stage placings.

The points will be allocated as follows: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 points respectively for 1st to

10th placing on stages 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6. No points will be awarded for Stage 5, the Individual Time Trial.

Ties will be split in accordance with Article T7.3B of Cycling Ireland Technical Regulations.

Queen of the Hills General Classification – Orange Jersey

QOH Points will be awarded for climb primes on the following scale:

  1. Category 1 climb, 1st to 5th placing respectively; 12, 10, 8, 6, and 4 points.
  2. Category 2 climb, 1st to 4th placing respectively; 9, 7, 5, and 3 points.
  3. Category 3 climb, 1st and 2nd placing respectively; 5 and 3 points

Ties will be split in accordance with Article T7.3C of Cycling Ireland Technical Regulations

Best Young Rider Classification – White Jersey

Restricted to riders born after the 31st of December 2000.

Ties will be split in accordance with Article T7.3A of Cycling Ireland Technical Regulations.

Best Irish Rider Classification – Green Jersey

The Best Irish Rider classification will be awarded to the top Ireland-based rider on General Classification who fulfils the following criteria:

  • be ordinarily resident in Ireland AND
  • have an IRL code on their licence OR a licence issued by Cycling Ireland AND
  • not be riding Rás na mBan on the Ireland national team.

In the event of a dispute over eligibility, the Race Director has the final say on whether a rider is eligible, taking account of the intention to reward riders who live and ordinarily compete domestically in Ireland, regardless of their nationality or team affiliation.

Ties will be split in accordance with Article T7.3A of Cycling Ireland Technical Regulations.

Stage Winner Jersey – Light Blue Jersey

A Stage Winner Jersey will be awarded to the winner of each stage, including Stage 5 TT.

Jersey Priority

The priority of Classification Jerseys is as follows:

  1. General Classification by time
  2. Points Classification
  3. Queen of the Hills Classification
  4. Best Young Rider Classification by time
  5. Best Irish Rider Classification by time
  6. Stage Winners Jersey

Non-Jersey Classifications

Team General Classifications (Best Team, Best Irish Based Team)

The maximum number of riders on a team is 5 and the minimum is 3. The team standings on each day are calculated by adding the three best individual times from each team.

The overall team classification is calculated by adding the three best individual times from each team from all stages.

The Paddy Doran Best Irish (Ireland based) team classification is calculated by adding the three best individual Irish based rider times from all stages. Only teams with 3 or more riders satisfying the Best Irish Rider category qualify for the Irish Team prize. The Ireland National Team is excluded from this category.

Composite Teams, as defined under Article T1.5 – T1.7 of Cycling Ireland Technical Regulations, are eligible for the Team Classification and/or the Best Irish Team Classification.

Ties will be spit in accordance with Article T7.3E of Cycling Ireland Technical Regulations

Mick Lawless Best Young Irish Rider Classification

This classification is open to riders who qualify for both the Best Young Rider Classification and the Best Irish Rider Classification.

Article 14 – Prizes

In addition to the above, prizes will be awarded to:

  1. First unplaced junior (WJ) rider overall (riders born after the 31st of December 2004).
  2. First unplaced masters (MW) rider overall (riders born before the 1st January 1984)

A combativity prize, titled ‘The Daily Beast Award’, will be awarded on the podium after each stage to the rider adjudged by the Commissaires to have grabbed the stage by its horns.

Prime prizes of €50 will be awarded on Stage 6, to the first rider crossing the finish line after 15 minutes of racing, and after 30 minutes of racing. A klaxon will indicate the start of each lap that will finish with a prime. A bell will indicate the start of the final lap.

A grand total of €7610 will be awarded in prize money at Rás na mBan 2023. All prize money will be paid post-race via Bank Transfer to Team Managers. The full list of prize money is included in the Race Technical Guide.

Article 15 – Anti-Doping

Doping Control may be carried out by Sport Ireland, in line with UCI Anti-Doping regulations. Sport Ireland will be deemed to be the Results Management Authority.

The Doping Control Station will be as indicated in the technical guide for each stage. The numbers of the riders required to report to the Doping Control Station will be displayed in accordance with the UCI Anti-doping Regulations.

Selected riders, who have not completed anti-doping procedures and are required for podium presentations must ensure they make themselves available for such prior to completing anti-doping procedures.

Article 16 – Awards Ceremony

The following riders must attend the official post-stage awards ceremony:

  1. First 3 riders on the stage
  2. The leaders of the following classifications:
    1. Individual General Classification
    2. Points Classification
    3. Queen of the Hills Classification
    4. Best Young Rider General Classification
    5. Best Irish Rider General Classification

These riders must present themselves on the presentation podium immediately after the finish of each stage.

While race personnel will be assigned to assemble riders for the post stage presentations, the co-operation of riders and team managers in the smooth running of this procedure is essential. Fines may be issued to riders who fail to attend the post-stage awards ceremony, or who only present themselves after an undue delay.

The leader of each classification shall be presented their jersey following each stage.

Should a rider qualify for more than one jersey she will wear the jersey of the higher priority in the next stage. Subsequent classification jerseys will be worn by the next best-placed rider in the classification, subject to her not being entitled to any other classification jersey.

At the finish of the final stage in addition to the above riders, the following riders must also present themselves:

  1. First 3 riders on General Classification
  2. Team General Classification Winners
  3. Irish Based Team General Classification Winners
  4. Mick Lawless Best Young Irish Rider

Article 17 – Penalties

The Cycling Ireland Scale of Penalties shall apply throughout the duration of the race.

General Information

  1. Entering this race implies acceptance of all race regulations.
  1. The organisers will – under no circumstances – hold themselves responsible for any cycling, motorcycling, motoring or other civil offences. Responsibility rests with competitors, team and race officials to comply with the Road Traffic Acts. Blatant transgressions of the Road Traffic Acts amounting to dangerous riding/driving by riders and/or race personnel will not be tolerated by the race organisation. Such transgressions may incur penalties including expulsion from the race in addition to possible legal consequences.
  1. Keep Ireland Beautiful – all personnel are reminded that littering will not be tolerated. Participants infringing this rule will have their numbers noted by race officials, and fines may be issued. There are no designated Litter Zones.
  1. All race personnel (riders, officials, team officials) must be holders of a current valid license issued by a UCI affiliated national federation.
  1. It is compulsory for all riders to wear rigid safety headgear at all times on every stage.
  1. All stages, including Stage 5 TT, must be ridden on a classic road bike as defined in the UCI regulations Part 1 Chapter 2 Section 2.
  1. Bikes must be in proper working condition and mechanical order.
  2. The last 3 and 1 kilometres on all stages will be indicated by a 3km and 1km sign respectively positioned on the left-hand side of the road.
  1. Boards indicating zero kms (the end of neutralised section) and the final 20, 10, 5, 3, and 1 kms will be displayed.
  1. Signs for 500m, 200m and 100m from the finish line will also be indicated.
  1. Signs for 1km, 200m and the QOH point will be indicated.
  1. Riders, other than classification jersey wearers or those entitled to wear a champions jersey, must wear their team kit, as approved prior to starting Rás na mBan, during all stages including stage 5, individual time trial (subject to Article 8 above).
  1. Timing chips will be provided by the race organisation to each rider. Timing chips should be attached to the front fork using the cable ties provided.

Special Race Regulations

  1. Team cavalcade vehicle regulations:
  1. A maximum of one vehicle may follow each complete team in the race cavalcade. Only complete teams (who started Stage 1 with three or more riders) can have a team car in the cavalcade.
  1. Only officially approved vehicles will be allowed in the race cavalcade, these vehicles must not be equipped with extended ‘prong type’ boot racks.
  1. Race cavalcade team vehicles may not exceed 166cm in height.
  1. In addition to the driver, the approved cavalcade team vehicle must contain at least one other competent person.
  1. Numbers will be provided for team vehicles showing their place in the following cavalcade on each stage. These numbers will be positioned on the front and rear windows of the vehicle nearest the road centre. The numbers will be replaced for each stage and only the current numbers may be displayed. A draw for team vehicle placings on Stage 1 will be conducted by the Chief Commissaire at the team managers’ meeting on Wednesday 6th September at 15:00.
  1. Following Stage 1, team vehicles in the race cavalcade will follow in the order of the team’s best rider on the individual classification on the basis of one vehicle per team.
  1. The responsibility rests with a rider whether to accept food/drink from any vehicle other than her own team vehicle.
  1. Break-away groups may only be followed by team cars when the gap between them and the chasers is greater than 1 minute and then only with the consent of a Commissaire.
  1. No team vehicle may overtake any group of riders in the last 10km of a stage.
  1. All cavalcade vehicles, unless specifically authorised, must follow any deviation indicated on the race route and/or at the stage finish. Where deviations are through residential areas a strict speed limit of 30kph applies unless a lower limit is shown on road signage.

On certain stages, team vehicles may be required to proceed through the finish line. There is strictly NO STOPPING before, on or after the finish line. Team cars must proceed to designated parking or as directed to keep the finish clear for riders.

  1. Team vehicles which are not part of the cavalcade, including support vans, must park in designated parking areas at stage finishes or as directed by race officials and/or Gardai. Team vehicles must not park in any other location on or near the race route, finish area or where they might impede traffic without permission from a race official. Please be aware that some parking areas have limited space and consideration is requested for other teams when setting up gazebos, turbo trainers, etc.
  1. Control flags

The standard control flags to be used throughout the race are:

  1. Rás na mBan magenta flag for the ceremonial start of each stage
  1. Rás na mBan black and white chequered flag for each stage finish
  1. Rás na mBan white flag at QOH Finish points
  1. Rás na mBan red flag to denote danger.
  1. Rás na mBan orange and white chequered flag to denote neutral zone.